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Impact Analysis

Gain insights into the actual effect of changes in your organization.

Understand how organizational change impacts your workforce

  • A/B test new technology or programs, like a return to office or 4-day work week
  • Assess the impact of one-time events, like a leadership change or reduction in force
  • Quickly assess shifts in engagement, workload and technology usage
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Impact analysis dashboard showing a summary overview of an organizational change

Quickly learn and adapt with data-driven feedback loops

  • Identify and mitigate negative effects of recent changes
  • Expand programs and technologies that drive positive results
  • Right-size spend on tech and office space
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Impact analysis dashboard showing technology usage

Create & compare custom employee segments

Define Segments based on attributes like work location, days of the week and time frame. Then compare them side by side.

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Impact analysis dashboard showing productivity and utilization level trends

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