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We are Diverse. We are Inclusive. We are a TEAM!

Our team is passionate about building a product people love and a culture where everyone can innovate and thrive.

Rita Selvaggi, CEO
Rita Selvaggi
Mark Ralls
Heidi Farris, Head of Operations
Heidi Farris
Ramon Chen who has black hair, is wearing a checkered shirt and is smiling.
Ramon Chen
Shanel Vandergriff, CMO
Shanel Vandergriff
SVP of Product
Javier Aldrete, VP of Product
Javier Aldrete
VP of Sales
Cory Ayres - VP of Sales
Cory Ayres
SVP of Engineering
Matthew Finlayson, SVP of Engineering
Matthew Finlayson
Lead Architect
Cliff Cozzolino, Lead Architect
Cliff Cozzolino
VP of Engineering
Brian Benton, VP of Engineering
Brian Benton
VP of Revenue Operations
Zach Bennett, Operations
Zach Bennett
VP of Productivity Lab
Gabriela Mauch who has brown hair and is smiling.
Gabriela Mauch
VP of Finance
John Heaney who is bald, is wearing glasses and is smiling.
John Heaney
VP of People
Mindee Humphrey
VP, Revenue Systems & Insights
Neil Garret who is wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses and is smiling.
Neil Garrett
VP of Brand & Corp Comms
Cybele Diamandopoulos - VP of Brand
Cybele Diamandopoulos

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Board Members

Founder, Elsewhere Partners
Chris Pacitti - Founder, Elsewhere Partners
Chris Pacitti
CEO and Managing Director, Sapphire Ventures
Nino Marakovic who has brown hair, is wearing glasses and smiling slightly.
Nino Marakovic
ActivTrak CEO
Rita Selvaggi, CEO
Rita Selvaggi
Board Director
Cam McMartin - CFO, SailPoint Technologies
Cam McMartin
Executive Chairman
Mike Bennett - Advisor, Elsewhere Partners
Mike Bennett
EVP & Chief Learning Officer at SAP
Max Wessel
Max Wessel
CEO & Founder, SailPoint Technologies
Mark McClain - ActivTrak Board of Directors & CEO/Founder, Sailpoint Technologies
Mark McClain
Vice President, Elsewhere Partners
Nick Stoffregen
Nick Stoffregen


Co-founder & Advisor
Herb Axilrod - Co-founder & Advisor
Herb Axilrod
CTO, Elsewhere Partners
Josh Stephens - CTO, Elsewhere Partners
Josh Stephens


The words Sapphire Ventures and their logo which is a stylized, white S among blue shapes so that it looks like a cube.
The words Elsewhere Partners under their logo which is a stylized e and w.
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