ActivTrak Integrations:
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Combining workforce activity data with key applications and data sources in your organization, adds layers of additional visibility and insights into the broader context of individual and team productivity.

See what activities drive lead conversion & opportunity creation

Gain visibility into key productivity metrics for collaboration and sharing inside MS Teams

See how much time and what activities are spent on assigned Zendesk tickets

Understand the impact of messaging apps on internal collaboration

Track time spent by your CS team on different customer activities

Integrate how you work with where you work to uncover productivity insights

Understand how often people are distracted or multitasking during meetings

Leverage broader analytics for more visibility beyond Microsoft 365 to identify behaviors behind key metrics like engagement and wellbeing

Connect productivity and performance data to understand what drives high performers

Combine employees' behavioral and sentiment to further understand the impact of internal and external forces on your culture

Bring together workforce activity and experience survey data to make insights more contextual

Stay ahead of issue updates and ensure the activity to resolution is balanced across your team

Integrate productivity data directly into task/boards for immediate visibility into team productivity, focus, and collaboration trends

Gain insight into how your team works to stay ahead of projects and see when key milestones are approaching

Leverage ActivTrak activity data to help make Workday experiences more accessible and intuitive

Leverage ActivTrak activity data and HR information from ADP to get a more complete picture

Conduct Deeper Analysis with Data Templates

Run custom queries or leverage our free starter templates for Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and Google Data Studio to help you reproduce the insights you enjoy for the ActivTrak application.

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Pre-built Starter Templates

Try a self-guided demo of our starter templates to see how you can create custom dashboards to get key insights from your workforce activity data

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