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Meeting Insights

Only ActivTrak provides full visibility into how employees spend their time — both online and offline.

Offline Meeting Time

Understand employee offline activity through calendar data.

  • Automatically import meeting data from Outlook or Google Calendar
  • Get a complete picture of an employee’s workday
  • Understand how employees divide their time between online work and offline meetings
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An image showing how ActivTrak Meeting insights shows online and offline data in reports.

Location Insights

Manage hybrid teams more effectively with views into remote and in-office work.

  • See how much time office workers spend in in-person meetings
  • Assess meeting time by location
  • Compare total working hours by location
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ActivTrak meeting insights showing offline meeting hours and productivity by location

Activity Breakdown

Learn how employees divide their time between digital and offline activities.

  • Differentiate between breaks and offline work
  • See breakdowns by team and individual employee
  • Validate self-reported working hours against actuals
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ActivTrak’s meeting insights feature showing activity type vs. goal.

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