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Productivity Reports

Gain insight into work habits to increase employee productivity across your organization.

Team Productivity Report

  • See a daily breakdown of time spent on productive vs. unproductive activities.
  • View productivity trends by week, month and year.
  • Understand average working hours to ensure alignment across dispersed teams.
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Productivity dashboard detailed view

Activity Breakdown & Trends

  • See how each team member is performing against productivity goals you’ve set.
  • View long-term trends to assess shifts in workload and team engagement.
  • Analyze app and website usage by category to determine alignment with team members’ roles and priorities.
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An Insights report showing activity breakdown showing trends and patterns in 4 different charts.

Location Insights

  • Compare remote, in-office and hybrid activity to identify the most productive environment
  • Analyze and optimize the impact and compliance of hybrid or in office work policies
  • Determine office space requirements
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ActivTrak Location Insights Dashboard

Team Productivity Pulse

  • See whether employees are active, passive or offline and the applications or websites they use in real time.
  • Quickly assess what percentage of an employee’s day is spent on productive activities.
  • View top activities per day for teams and individuals.
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A Team Pulse report broken down into Sales, Management, CEO, Administrators, HR, Development, Remote and Engineers.

Work Inefficiency Sources

  • View the average length of focus sessions — uninterrupted time spent on a single task.
  • Identify applications and websites that frequently distract from focused work.
  • See how much time team members spend on focused work vs. collaborative activities.
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An Insights report showing work efficiency reports showing uninterrupted work hours, productivity and focus vs goals.

Workload Balance

  • See which team members are overutilized, underutilized or operating in a healthy range.
  • View weekly, monthly and yearly data to differentiate anomalies from persistent trends.
  • Identify opportunities to redistribute work or the need for additional resources.
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Employee Productivity Reports

  • Give employees visibility into how they spend their time with daily, weekly and monthly views.
  • Enable team members to optimize their schedule with a breakdown of focused work vs. collaboration time.
  • Help employees adopt healthier work habits with consistent working hours and time for breaks throughout the day.
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3 reports showing Time Breakdown, Apps/Sites Affecting Focus, and Focused Vs. Collaboration and Multitasking by Hours of Day.

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