Benchmarks & Goals

View historic team benchmarks of productivity metrics to help set lofty goals – and achieve them.

Team Benchmarks

Understand what your team’s typical productivity levels are and what the top quartile of your team can usually achieve.

  • Review team benchmarks to understand how much time per day is typically invested in productive and focused activities for each individual.
  • View trends to understand how productivity and focus have changed over the past 12 weeks.
  • Compare the difference between the top quartile of your team members to the team average.
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An Insights report showing benchmarks and goals. There's team averages from 4 dates and a line graph showing the daily trend.

Goal Setting & Management

Establish goals as guideposts for team performance.

  • Set team goals for Productive, Focused, and Collaboration hours per day to set clear expectations and ensure alignment.
  • Track progress against goals to identify where support is needed and celebrate improvements.
  • Give employees insight into personal goal attainment with a weekly email subscription to their Personal Insights Dashboard
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