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Activity Classification

Customize ActivTrak for your business or let ActivTrak automatically classify common applications and websites so you can better understand usage patterns.


Jump start productivity tracking with an automated, crowd-sourced classification of the most common applications and websites.  

  • Use the quick filters to view activities that need to be classified.
  • Quickly bulk classify similar activities or dig into the details to see how the apps or sites are used, and by whom.
  • View top applications and websites with descriptive categories for better analysis and reporting.
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Screenshot of the ActivTrak dashboard where you can manage activity classification.

Productivity Classification

ActivTrak automatically assigns “Productive” or “Unproductive” categories to common applications and websites used by employees. You can adjust and add new categories to suit your needs.

  • View details to see more context of the top titles, subpages, and users to easily determine classifications.
  • Discover what tools employees use across your different categories.
  • ActivTrak can auto-classify using existing categories that describe the work done within each activity.
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Screenshot of the ActivTrak dashboard where you can name activity categories.

Group-based Classification

Most activity classifications work across the organization, however, some are productive only for certain teams. Group classifications allow you to create exceptions and indicate a particular site or app is productive for one team but not the others.

  • Assign productivity and categories based on user-defined contexts.
  • Differentiate productivity and category classifications by groups or roles.
  • View group classifications in your reports and dashboards.
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Screenshot of the ActivTrak group based activity classification item.

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