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Clear Visibility & Analytics for Operations Teams

Get the insights you need to optimize operations and improve productivity across your organization. See insights in just minutes.

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Get clear visibility into the key metrics that really drive productivity and operational efficiency across your company

Operations teams are challenged to ensure smooth processes, improve productivity with efficiency, and find ways to cut both costs and risk. But the ultimate test is to get it all done without the crushing burden of reporting and analysis.

ActivTrak delivers the workforce analytics for operations teams to:

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ActivTrak Is Workforce Analytics Done Right!

"The data and insight provided by the built-in dashboards is everything we wanted and more, and our employees enjoy having access to their data to monitor their own performance and productivity."

- Director Of Business Development,
Services Industry

September 21, 2020

An Insights work efficiency report showing team productivity and efficiency indicators and user productivity and focus vs. goals.

Gain actionable productivity insights across the organization

  • Identify and compare the amount of time spent on productive and unproductive activities across your organization
  • Evaluate productivity metrics for “Productive Hours per Day” and “Focused Hours per Day” to understand how teams work and their ability to focus
  • Weigh the effectiveness of new operating procedures and how they impact productivity
Learn about productivity management & measurement


Assess office space requirements & workplace policy compliance

  • See how much time employees spend working remotely, in-office and hybrid — and where they’re most productive
  • Determine office space needs based on actual use
  • Validate compliance with workplace policy (e.g. minimum of 2 days a week in the office)
Learn more about Location Insights

An Insights report showing work efficiency reports showing uninterrupted work hours, productivity and focus vs goals.

Streamline operations and manage risk

  • Identify and resolve inefficient workflows or problematic bottlenecks
  • Uncover overlapping actions and responsibilities that could invite compliance issues
  • Enforce policies with non-intrusive reminder notifications to users
Learn more about operational efficiency & compliance

In less than a month, Sagar saw a complete turnaround in his team’s productivity & increased operational profitability.”

An ActivTrak dashboard showing top websites report.

Understand application & technology usage

  • Discover what applications facilitate productivity to inform decision makers
  • Identify frequently used unproductive applications or technologies to set usage limits
  • Uncover unused or unnecessary software licenses to recoup costs
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Explore ActivTrak's Key Features


View a summary of workforce productivity metrics to keep a pulse on issues that impact burnout, engagement and efficiency.

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An ActivTrak dashboard showing today's team pulse, productivity and top users and groups.

Productivity Reports

Gain valuable insights into factors affecting employee productivity with reports that drill down by date range, users, computers and other criteria.

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A productivity chart showing times spent during a week, and a single day report showing times spend by different employees.

Team Productivity

See team productivity and availability status to assess workload balance and identify best practices of top performers.

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A Team Pulse report broken down into Sales, Management, CEO, Administrators, HR, Development, Remote and Engineers.

Location Insights

Make data-driven decisions about hybrid work with insight into where employees work — and where they work best.

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Location Insights Screenshot

Workload Management

Uncover opportunities across individuals and teams to balance workloads, increase efficiency and support healthy work habits.

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Productivity Coaching

Leverage expert guidance to drive collaborative discussions and empower employees to take charge of their professional development.

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A coaching opportunities screenshot that shows a coaching summary.


Combine workforce activity data with key applications and data sources to understand broader business context.

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An ActivTrak dashboard showing activity overview with various graphs and reports.

Personal Insights

Empower employees to improve productivity, focus and work-life balance by providing deep insights into individual work habits.

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Personal insights - personal productivity metrics

Privacy-first Analytics

Safeguard privacy and confidentiality without loss of any productivity insights, and forge higher levels of trust with employees.

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ActivTrak Data Privacy Controls on/off

User Management

ActivTrak makes it easy to invite and manage users within your ActivTrak account.

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Configurable User Roles

No matter your needs, ActivTrak fits your stack

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