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Workforce Analytics
& Productivity Dashboards

Keep a pulse on workforce health. Capture a complete story of workforce productivity with key analytics all in one place.


Your one-stop-shop to view snapshot summaries of performance across individuals and teams to help you understand productivity, with drill-down for further details.

  • Review productivity data to identify bottlenecks and areas where individuals could use guidance.
  • Uncover usage patterns of applications and websites individuals use most.
  • Learn top productive and unproductive behaviors for both remote and in-office employees.
  • Safeguard privacy and mitigate risky activities that are out of compliance with company policy.
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An ActivTrak dashboard showing today's team pulse, productivity and top users and groups.

Executive Summary


Gain quick insights into org-wide productivity and utilization to help teams adopt sustainable, healthy work habits.

  • Quickly identify teams operating at healthy levels and those that need support.
  • See productivity and utilization levels side by side to identify imbalances and help teams adopt & achieve work-life balance.
  • Compare team performance month over month or quarter over quarter to gain insight into trends.
  • Understand how burnout numbers are trending to identify quiet quitting and avoid poor employee experience and attrition.
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An Insights work efficiency report showing productivity and efficiency indicators and user productivity and focus vs. goals.

Personal Insights Dashboard

Empower managers to review personal productivity insights with each team member and collaborate on improvement areas so individuals can focus on what matters most.

  • Review weekly activity to understand what is enabling or hindering productivity and focus.
  • Analyze work habits and tool usage.
  • Leverage suggested actions to improve productivity and work/life balance.
  • Schedule to share individual insights with each team member to empower constructive conversations.
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ActivTrak personal productivity insights

Team Pulse

See real-time activity in context of everything your team has accomplished throughout the day. 

  • View employee’s real-time availability – active, passive, offline – to see snapshots of the workday.
  • Get instant insights into productivity across team members to understand top activity focus and application usage throughout the day.
  • See what productivity looks like across teams or functional groups during the day.
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A Team Productivity Pulse report broken down into Sales, Management, CEO, Administrators, HR, Development, Remote and Engineers.

Technology Usage and Adoption

Understand which applications are used by which teams and how often so you can invest in the right technologies and training to power team productivity.

  • See how time is spent across application categories to assess if activities are aligned with roles and responsibilities.
  • Gain visibility into new applications that may need to be vetted to avoid compliance risks or redundant license costs.
  • Identify applications with overlapping functionality, or those with low usage so you can eliminate unnecessary license costs.
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An Insights Technology Usage report showing category allocation in a doughnut chart and a bar chart of top applications.

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