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Workforce Analytics
& Productivity Dashboards

Keep your finger on the pulse of productivity and well-being across remote, hybrid and in-office employees.

Organization Overview

  • Measure progress toward daily productivity goals
  • Uncover workload imbalance throughout the organization
  • Identify positive and negative trends by comparing current KPIs to historical benchmarks
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ActivTrak Organization Overview Dashboard for Managing Hybrid Teams

Team Management

  • See team members online any time throughout the day
  • Measure team progress towards daily productivity goals and compare historical goal trends
  • See team workload and productivity patterns over the past 30 days
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ActivTrak Team Management Dashboard for Hybrid Work

Executive Summary

  • Identify individuals and teams that are over- or underutilized to address workload balance or staffing issues.
  • Encourage healthy work habits to prevent burnout, improve engagement and increase retention.
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An Insights work efficiency report showing productivity and efficiency indicators and user productivity and focus vs. goals.

Personal Insights Dashboard

  • Analyze weekly insights to understand what enables or hinders productivity and focus.
  • Leverage Productivity Lab guidance to improve focus and well-being.
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ActivTrak personal productivity insights

Team Pulse Activity Dashboard

  • View employees’ real-time availability – active, passive or offline – to see snapshots of the workday.
  • Get instant productivity insights across team members to understand top activity, focus and application usage through the day.
  • Understand how daily productivity varies across teams in different locations or on different schedules.
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A Team Productivity Pulse report broken down into Sales, Management, CEO, Administrators, HR, Development, Remote and Engineers.

Activity Dashboard

  • Assess employee work habits and provide timely guidance to boost productivity and promote healthier work habits.
  • Identify and reduce distractions, focus blockers and bottlenecks.
  • Understand application and website usage patterns to ensure process efficiency and compliance.
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An ActivTrak dashboard showing today's team pulse, productivity and top users and groups.

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