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User Activity Alarms and Website Blocking

Activate pre-built alarms and custom create your own with any combination of conditions. Configure automated reactions such as email notifications and screenshot captures or display pop-up messages to the client.

Pre-Built Alarms

Leverage pre-configured alarms out-of-the-box to help you track and get alerted to activities of interest.

  • View user activities to see patterns of behavior, how time is spent and workflow bottlenecks.
  • Identify USB device activity or unauthorized file sharing to control usage and protection of sensitive data.
  • Get alerted on attempts to access blocked domains.
  • Track activities such as deletion of users or removal of agents from computers.
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ActivTrak dashboard showing the Alarm Log for employee productivity monitoring.

Custom Alarms

Configure automated actions to trigger alarms to manage and report on activities of interest for further analysis.

  • Review user risk scores with severity levels to understand activities out of compliance with company policies.
  • Drill down into exactly what happened with a better understanding of context and intent.
  • View terminated applications upon access or specific time period which have unwanted or risky activity.
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A screenshot of advanced alarm filters with alarms titled Screen Captures, Pop-up Measures, and Email Notification.

Alarm Notifications

Easy-to-read alarm notifications within messaging tools or any webhook of your choosing.

  • Configure alarm triggers to send notifications to Slack and/or Microsoft Teams or a custom webhook URL.
  • Manage the types of alarms – user activity, USB, security audit – depending on your organization’s needs and desired level of security.
  • View all the pertinent alarm information including alarm name with a link back to the alarm log, time and date alarm fired, user and computer who fired the alarm, and details on the application or website visited.
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An ActivTrak alarm notification titled Search Alarm, showing a triggered activity alarm.

Website Blocking

Utilize ActivTrak’s website blocking tool to keep an ever-expanding list of the sites you choose to block. Enjoy the flexibility to block websites in a way that is best suited to your organization. 

  • Create a list of blocked domains suited to your business.
  • Easily add, remove, and modify your list of blocked domains as needed. 
  • Create groups of any number of employees to block specific websites from including individuals, departments, or the entire organization.
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A screen showing blocked websites.

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