Team Productivity Summaries

View team productivity summaries to assess workload balance and identify best practices to share across teams.

Team Productivity Pulse

This dashboard serves as your real-time “virtual office” so you can see key information across in-office and remote teams and individuals.

  • Daily at-a-glance snapshots of individual and team productivity.
  • Real-time availability status and current activity to avoid interrupting focused work
  • Easy drill-down into reports for additional details on application usage and productivity analysis.
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A Team Productivity Pulse report broken down into Sales, Management, CEO, Administrators, HR, Development, Remote and Engineers.

Team Comparison

View similar teams side by side to understand how they operate relative to their peers and identify opportunities to adopt best practices.

  • Review how your team is working in comparison to similar teams.
  • View application usage and time allocation to gain insights into variations in working styles and processes.
  • Leverage team comparison data to train managers on how to coach their teams to unlock productivity potential.
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A team comparison report that shows team productivity for selected teams and focus for selected teams.

Productivity Summary

View trends of total and productive work time, and daily team schedules.


  • View data by day, week, month or year to understand typical team productivity. 
  • Spot spikes or upward trends in working hours to proactively shift workloads or consider additional resources.
  • Assess daily team coverage and help ensure healthy work habits like taking breaks.
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Productivity dashboard detailed view

Work Efficiency

Understand total working hours, productive hours and focused work time to assess team efficiency and engagement.

  • Compare productive time and focus time to goals you set for your team.
  • Understand if your team is able to carve out focused work time for creative thinking, problem solving, and development.
  • Identify team members with higher focus time to share best practices with others.
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An Insights work efficiency report showing team productivity and efficiency indicators and user productivity and focus vs. goals.

Workload Balance

Quickly assess team utilization to identify employees at risk for burnout.

  • Assess where working hours are spiking or consistently high to identify team members who need support.
  • Understand if your team engages in healthy breaks throughout the day.
  • Identify employees at risk of burning out as well as those individuals with low levels of engagement.
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Workforce Capacity Planning

Make data-driven decisions about headcount allocation and resource distribution

  • Assess work distribution after a reduction in force (RIF) or attrition
  • Determine where to rebalance work after a reorganization
  • Leverage for ongoing quarterly or bi-annual resource planning activities
  • Gather data to inform hiring of new FTEs or contractors
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ActivTrak Workforce Capacity Planning Dashboard

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