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How ActivTrak Works

ActivTrak collects and delivers deep insights about how work gets done so you can assess employee productivity and well-being.

Collect Digital Activity Data

Install the ActivTrak Agent to collect data on employees’ app and website activity.

  • The Agent detects mouse and keyboard movement in the active window of a user’s computer. It does not log keystrokes, record video of a user’s screen or access the camera on a user’s computer.
  • Data is aggregated and categorized in numerous ways: productive vs. unproductive activity, focus time vs. multitasking, email vs. meeting software vs. social media, etc.
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Analyze Workforce Trends

Identify trends and outliers in employees’ work habits with intuitive, graphical dashboards.

  • Answer key questions about your workforce: What’s distracting my team from focused work? Who’s at risk of burnout? How does remote or hybrid work affect work habits and productivity?
  • Empower everyone in your organization with workforce insights — an org-level dashboard for executives, team-level detail for managers, and personal insights for individual employees.
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Optimize Outcomes

Capture baselines for metrics like productivity, focus time and utilization, then set goals and measure progress.

  • Objectively measure shifts in productivity and work habits by viewing trends over time.
  • Spot early signs of burnout and disengagement with pattern recognition and predictive analytics.
  • Capture baselines for team performance, then set goals, track progress and continuously optimize.
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Customize for Your Org

Customize privacy settings, app user permissions and productivity classification.

  • Configure data privacy settings according to your company’s policies and preferences to share the right level of detail with the right people.
  • Classify websites and applications as productive or unproductive according to each team’s unique roles and responsibilities.
  • Set schedules to ensure the Agent only collects data during working hours.
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Build Productivity Solutions Tailored to Your Business

ActivConnect APIs deliver a robust set of API connectors and SQL-based tools for additional insights into the broader context of individual and team productivity.

  • Create customized views and dashboards with your own BI tools.
  • Combine ActivTrak data with other business output data to identify patterns that drive productivity and results.
  • Integrate ActivTrak with internal or 3rd party business applications.
  • Build a data archive for historical analysis and compliance.
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Diagram of how ActivTrak integrates with various systems and dashboards.

Data Security & Privacy

ActivTrak uses a multi-layered approach to secure the private information our customers entrust to us. Our service was designed and built from the ground up with the security of your data in mind, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of all collected data.

  • Data is collected and communicated using multiple encrypted collections protocols and mutual authentication.
  • All data is immediately encrypted and stored in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with AES-256 encryption.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) is supported by multiple identity providers.
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