Workforce Optimization

Optimize productivity and efficiency across your organization with actionable insights into work habits and quantifiable measures of progress.

An ActivTrak dashboard showing today's team pulse, productivity and top users and groups.

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Workforce Optimization

Assess, measure, & optimize
productivity across your organization

How much time do your employees spend on the skilled, strategic jobs they were hired to do? Between responding to emails and instant messages, attending back-to-back meetings, and navigating a web of business applications, it can seem like we’re all working more but producing less meaningful work.

With ActivTrak, you can correlate employee work habits to productivity trends to identify where support is needed and measure progress in an objective way.

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ActivTrak is a complete solution

"ActivTrak helps us address the issue of employees working too much or too little [or] running the risk of burnout. We are also able to use ActivTrak to pick the best times for departmental and company-wide meetings."

- Vice-President in IT

May 19, 2021

ActivTrak workforce analytics executive summary for partners

Connect work habits to productivity trends

Get insight into how teams work to identify the patterns that fuel success and opportunities for improvement.

  • View high-level productivity metrics for teams and individuals, then drill down for insight into underlying work habits.
  • Understand how employees’ time is divided between focused work, collaborative activities, and multitasking to identify and correct imbalances.
  • See which applications and websites are most heavily used to assess alignment with core responsibilities and pinpoint sources of distraction.
  • Compare productivity levels and work habits of remote, hybrid, and in-office employees to inform flexible work policies and determine where support may be needed.
  • Assess workload balance within teams to understand who is overutilized and how work might be reallocated.
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An Insights report showing benchmarks and goals. There's team averages from 4 dates and a line graph showing the daily trend.

Set and track goals to motivate and measure improvement

Encourage the habits that maximize productivity and set clear guideposts to measure progress.

  • Reference benchmarks for productivity, focus, and collaboration to understand what is typical for your team and identify outliers.
  • Establish and communicate goals to set clear expectations for your team and ensure alignment around roles and responsibilities.
  • See how individual team members’ productivity, focus, and collaboration have changed over the previous day, week, 4 weeks, and 12 weeks.
  • Regularly evaluate progress toward goals to measure improvement and flag areas where teams need support.
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A coaching opportunities screenshot that shows a coaching summary.

Empower employees to improve personal work habits and well-being

Equip managers and employees to play an active role in increasing engagement, productivity, and well-being.

  • Enable employees to optimize their schedules and identify opportunities for self-improvement by providing visibility into their personal work habits.
  • Deliver targeted enablement with the help of our virtual productivity coach, which surfaces team members exhibiting signs of burnout, disengagement, or lack of focus, along with advice on how to best support them.
  • Create automated email subscriptions for leaders and stakeholders to share regular progress updates and foster collaboration.
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AC Premium - Environment Summary

Contextualize workforce activity data through integrations with your existing toolset

Get deeper insight into the work habits that drive business results.

  • Visualize workforce data from ActivTrak alongside data from Salesforce, ZenDesk, Lattice, and many other business applications to understand the broader context of individual and team productivity.
  • Run custom queries or leverage free starter templates for your existing business intelligence tools, including Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and Google Data Studio.
  • View key workforce metrics like productivity, application usage, and work efficiency trends, inline with your Microsoft Teams daily workflow.
  • Integrate productivity data directly into workspaces to understand the productivity patterns that lead to project and task completion.
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Explore ActivTrak's Key Features


Tune into key trends. A quick at-a-glance summary of workforce performance and productivity trends. Everything you need to start your analysis of workforce productivity and operational efficiency.

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An ActivTrak dashboard showing today's team pulse, productivity and top users and groups.

Productivity Reports

Spot patterns that fuel success. Gain valuable insights and increase team productivity. These out-of-the-box reports enable you to drill down by date range, users, computers, and other criteria to quickly discover trends.

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A productivity chart showing times spent during a week, and a single day report showing times spend by different employees.

Team Productivity

Immediately see user and team productivity and availability status via an at-a-glance dashboard.

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A Team Pulse report broken down into Sales, Management, CEO, Administrators, HR, Development, Remote and Engineers.

Workload Management

Uncover hidden potential. View key insights across people, process and technology to help your organization increase productivity, reduce risk, optimize work, and ensure healthy work habits.

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ActivTrak productivity analytics dashboard highlighting employees who are working excessive hours and may be at risk of burnout.

Productivity Coaching

Guidance and resources you need to create a culture that empowers employees to achieve big goals.

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A coaching opportunities screenshot that shows a coaching summary.


Easily integrate ActivTrak productivity data with your other software applications to get the deeper insights you need to boost productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

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An ActivTrak dashboard showing activity overview with various graphs and reports.

Personal Insights

Empower employees to improve productivity, focus, and work-life balance by providing deep insights into individual work habits.

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Personal insights - personal productivity metrics

Data Privacy Controls

Safeguard data privacy and confidentiality to ease employee concerns

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ActivTrak data Privacy Controls on/off

No matter your needs, ActivTrak fits your stack

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FAQs about employee monitoring software

What is employee monitoring software?

Employee monitoring software is a technology employed by businesses to gather user activity data and analyze that data to answer the who, where, what, and how questions about the work their employees do.

Employee monitoring software is used to monitor employee digital activity for a variety of reasons: for visibility into employee work time, understand what apps and websites are used, or ensure internal policy or data compliance. Recently, modern employee monitoring tools have shown greater potential for providing comprehensive workforce analytics and uncovering employee productivity coaching opportunities. These modern tools help businesses improve employee performance, boost employee engagement, and reduce resource inefficiencies. By monitoring and analyzing employee work patterns, organizations can increase workforce productivity and become more profitable.

Employee productivity and workforce activity data gathered by this method can be analyzed to find trends, patterns, and correlations across teams, groups, and departments to gain insight into business processes and how to improve them. This activity data includes application usage, time spent on productive and unproductive tasks, and what time periods each employee is most productive. Employee monitoring software gives companies an overall picture of how work is done in and out of the office, putting workforce activity data in context and providing insights for employers and employees alike to boost personal, team, and organization productivity.

Why is employee monitoring software important?

Employee monitoring software allows companies to see the root cause of costly distractions, rebalance workloads, identify opportunities for improvement and more.
According to, American businesses lose $650 billion per year from distracted employees. Distraction can come from frequent context switching, unproductive processes, unnecessary intrusions, or a lack of focus. Successful, data-driven companies use the insights and analytics that employee monitoring software gives them to increase productivity and efficiency; boost sales and revenue; and strengthen employee satisfaction and retention.

How is remote employee monitoring conducted?

Remote employee monitoring is conducted through software on a users’ computer. User activity is gathered and sent to a database where administrators can see individual activity and analyze it for further understanding around productivity, collaboration, engagement, policy control, workload balance, and other critical metrics.

Remote employee monitoring solutions, like ActivTrak, collects and analyzes remote worker user activity to help businesses get the visibility they need. Critical data around time management, website and technology usage, and active or passive time and understanding how those data relate to productivity is key to understanding the success or failures of your remote teams.

What is ActivTrak’s approach to employee monitoring?

Improving productivity requires the collection and monitoring of data to establish a baseline upon which you can measure improvement. We know employee monitoring and activity analysis have a mixed history and association with surveillance and heavy oversight. ActivTrak intends to change that by focusing on the real output of employee monitoring: improved productivity.

We designed ActivTrak from an ethical standpoint: with the guiding principles of transparency, collaboration and informed insight. We’ve intentionally developed a powerful platform that focuses on the collection of contextual data, avoiding intrusive employee monitoring technologies like keystroke logging and video surveillance.

We challenge the users of our product to join us on our journey to move employee monitoring from the age of oversight and into the results and data-driven space that is productivity insights and optimization of work.

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