Application & Website Usage

Understand which applications and websites employees use most so you can focus your time and budget where you really need to.

Technology Usage and Adoption

Understand which applications are used by which teams and how often so you can invest in the right technologies and training to power team productivity.

  • See how time is spent across application categories to assess if activities are aligned with roles and responsibilities.
  • Gain visibility into new applications that may need to be vetted to avoid compliance risks or redundant license costs.
  • Identify applications with overlapping functionality, or those with low usage so you can eliminate unnecessary license costs.
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An Insights Technology Usage report showing category allocation in a doughnut chart and a bar chart of top applications.

Top Applications & Websites

The ActivTrak platform automatically classifies thousands of apps and websites by type (email, sales tools, meeting software, etc) and productive/non-productive categorization so you can quickly gain insights into how time is spent.

  • See a breakdown of individual and team work time by app or category to understand what activities are consuming the most time.
  • Understand if messaging apps or social media are causing distraction beyond what is expected for healthy breaks and collaboration.
  • Uncover apps with redundant functionality to reduce license costs and streamline business processes.
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An ActivTrak dashboard showing top websites report.

Work Efficiency - Inefficiency Sources

Analyze the impact of non-business activities and attention shifts on productive and focused work time.

  • View a breakdown of time spent on productive work activities versus non-business activities.
  • Get insights into the duration of time your team is able to be productive and focused without interruptions.
  • Understand what applications or websites are contributing to attention shifts and distractions.
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An Insights report showing work efficiency reports showing uninterrupted work hours, productivity and focus vs goals.

Alarms & Website Blocking

Some organizations need the ability to enforce compliance safeguards in order to protect sensitive data and limit risk. ActivTrak includes the ability to configure alarms and actions in response to activities that could pose a compliance risk or policy exception.

  • Configure alarms to get notified if data is transferred to a USB drive or file-sharing site.
  • Block certain websites or categories of websites to enforce compliance with internet usage policies.
  • Get notified of usage of new applications, or configure actions to shut down unapproved applications to avoid application sprawl.
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ActivTrak dashboard showing the Alarm Log for employee productivity monitoring.

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