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User Activity and Security Logs

Reference detailed logs of user activities and security events collected to better understand what transpired, when and by whom.

Activity Log

View every piece of data ActivTrak collects and leverage these insights to scale processes and ensure compliance rules are met.

  • Analyze workflows by following the displayed chain of events to understand what happened at any given time.
  • See patterns of employee productivity, including time spent visiting applications and websites.
  • Use these analytics for coaching opportunities to encourage effective work behaviors for success.
  • View system events to gain insight into system activities including sleep, wake, and agent service events.
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ActivTrak's activity log showing user activity for a period of time.

Security Audit Log

View a list of captured administrative ActivTrak activities by date, description and by who performed the event.

  • Manage compliance by analyzing suspicious behavior and potential threats.
  • Get insights into multiple administrators’ actions taken inside your ActivTrak account.
  • Create alarms to trigger when such activities occur to proactively manage response actions.
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An ActivTrak security audit screen listing times, devices and other data.

The words Trust Radius in blue text.

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