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ActivTrak for Contact Centers

Boost Your Contact Center Performance with ActivTrak

Our workforce analytics platform provides detailed visibility into how your team works so you can boost team performance, improve the quality of customer interactions and increase team efficiency without hiring more agents.

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The ActivTrak Advantage

Join the ranks of leading contact centers that have harnessed the power of ActivTrak to elevate their performance. Increase efficiency, improve customer satisfaction and build a high performing team that drives results.

  • Increase call volume/case resolution rates while reducing salary budget and overpayment for misreported hours
  • Increase agent productivity
  • Improve agent efficiency to deliver high-quality service to more customers without hiring more agents
  • Compare agent utilization rates to identify untapped capacity and reallocate resources where they’re needed most
  • Correlate agents’ digital activity with case resolution rates to replicate the patterns of top performers

204 reviews – 4.5/5

Simple to set up and simple to useActivTrak was so simple to set up and when we [met] to discuss implementation – we were pleasantly surprised to say to ourselves “that’s it.”
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Why Choose ActivTrak for Your Contact Center


Unlock a wealth of information about your team’s activities and behaviors. Analyze call metrics, response times and customer interactions to make informed decisions.


Identify top-performing agents and replicate their success across your team. Pinpoint areas for improvement and provide targeted coaching to elevate every team member.


Keep a finger on the pulse of your contact center with live monitoring features. Monitor ongoing calls, chat sessions, response times, application usage and more to ensure a seamless customer experience.


Tailor your performance dashboard to display the metrics that matter most to your contact center. Whether it’s call resolution rates or agent efficiency, you have the power to visualize the data that drives your success.


Foster a culture of accountability and engagement. Empower your agents with insights into their own performance and recognize them for their achievements.


Streamline processes and identify bottlenecks that hinder productivity. ActivTrak’s insights help you optimize workflows for maximum efficiency.

How ActivTrak Works

  • Data Collection: ActivTrak discreetly collects data on agent activities, call interactions and application usage in real time.
  • Insight Generation: Our advanced algorithms transform raw data into actionable insights, offering you a clear picture of your contact center’s performance.
  • Custom Reports: Generate custom reports and visualizations that align with your goals. Whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly reports, ActivTrak empowers you with the right data at the right time.
  • Targeted Coaching: Leverage insights to provide personalized coaching and training to agents. Address performance gaps and boost overall team effectiveness.
  • Continuous Improvement: With ActivTrak’s ongoing monitoring and analysis, you can iteratively refine your strategies and ensure sustained growth in your contact center.

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