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Over 9,500 customers work wiser with ActivTrak

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508 reviews - 4.6/5

Love this!!

ActivTrak is an excellent tool for our organization that works perfectly, easily, effectively, all at a very low price point. It helps us enforce our Acceptable Use policy and take action when necessary.

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145 reviews - 4.5/5

Easy-to-use and very fast tool

It provides us with a deep data analysis, giving us the answers that we need to help our workforce and business succeed and achieve goals outlined, providing the workflow for this to happen.

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45 reviews - 4.3/5

If you have employees and computers, you need ActivTrak!

ActivTrak has helped us improve productivity because we can address problems before they become habits that can't be fixed.

68 reviews - 4.6/5

ActivTrak is a must purchase.

I’ve been looking for a program that is easy to set up and configure but also provide a wide array of information without having to download third party software to operate with it. I was amazed of how much…

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6 reviews - 5/5

ActivTrak is Workforce Analytics Done Right!

Even though our initial adoption was influenced by the COVID-environment we are currently navigating, we will continue using ActivTrak to improve our business well into the future.

Our service speaks for itself – Customer Reviews powered byThe words Trust Radius in blue text.

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