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ActivTrak’s onboarding program helps teams (like yours!) better understand how to interpret and leverage employee data to develop a successful productivity program through continuous communication and goal setting. Our dedicated onboarding team and the resources available through the ActivTrak Academy are designed to help you implement and familiarize yourself with the ActivTrak platform.

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The next step in your journey focuses on internal communication and roll-out plans.Transparency builds trust and promotes a healthy relationship between managers and employees. So we’ve found the most successful ActivTrak implementations have buy-in across management and employees. Not sure how to have the conversation? We’ve got tools and templates to help pave the way!

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Not technical? No problem! We’re dedicated to making your deployment simple and robust, so you have access to powerful insights in a matter of minutes. Our video library and help center contain videos and articles to make your deployment a breeze.

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Once you’re up and running (agents are deployed and collecting data), it’s time to analyze the data. Here are resources to help you understand what your workforce data is telling you, and how you can leverage it to improve team productivity and engagement.

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As you continue to become an ActivTrak pro, you may consider rolling it out more broadly across the organization, adding on more advanced capabilities, or creating custom reports and views.

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Our learning center empowers you to learn at your own pace! ActivTrak Academy delivers you resources to learn the fundamentals.

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Are you up and running on ActivTrak, but can’t quite figure out how to optimize your deployment or set up reports and alarms?

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Leverage our dedicated team of subject matter experts, with decades of knowledge around workforce productivity, IT and data science.

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