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Productivity measurement

Gain visibility into key productivity metrics for continuous improvement.

Improving organization-wide productivity starts with collecting the right data and understanding how that data relates to metrics across the business. But, what do you do when your business is complex, with multiple definitions of ‘productivity?’ ActivTrak’s productivity management software provides visibility to analyze and customize productivity objectives to individuals, teams, and departments as needed for each unique business case.

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ActivTrak brings productivity management software from the age of oversight into that of measurement and actionable insights you easily leverage to increase productivity.

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ActivTrak ends the ambiguity of having employees working remotely

"When we look at staff utilization and realization rates we can now add the productivity report and gain a clearer picture as to what the employees are doing. It also allows management to see when most productivity drops off allowing us to create solutions, such as lunch breaks, relaxing time, and other cultural shifts that work to eliminate these periods."

- Alessandro Cacciani, Firm Manager,
Saranto Calamas CPA/PC

November 30, 2020


Gain insights with trends across key productivity indicators

  • View total and productive time by individual and team to understand what is typical and who stands out now and over time.
  • See real-time productivity management metrics across individuals and teams throughout the day with Team Productivity Pulse.
  • Drill-down into detailed reports for additional analysis on top users, categories, applications and productivity. 
  • Analyze applications and technology tools that contribute to or detract from peak productivity.

ActivTrak’s productivity management software gives you deep insights on the user activity data so you can see where there are gains to be made and where productivity is already excelling. Answer the questions you have about how your team works. 

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Create productivity goals and employ customized coaching

  • See the historical benchmarks of productivity and focus time across your team.
  • Understand how each team member is performing in comparison to the goals you’ve set.
  • Use the goals you set as guideposts in your effort to improve productivity and collaboration.

Typical product measurement software leaves the analysis for you to do after the fact. ActivTrak helps you set workforce productivity benchmarks and track progress to desired performance.

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Integrate ActivTrak data with external data visualization tools

  • Get direct data access to see performance data alongside data from Salesforce, ZenDesk, Jira and other business applications.
  • Share key productivity measurement metrics directly to MS Teams. 
  • Accelerate productivity gains by using ActivTrak’s pre-built starter templates with BI tools like Tableau, Power BI, and Google Data Studio 

No need to add another tool to log into. Our productivity management software allows you to integrate ActivTrak data into the business intelligence visualization tools you already use.

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Explore all ActivTrak features


Tune into key trends. A quick at-a-glance summary of workforce performance and productivity trends. Everything you need to start your analysis of workforce productivity and operational efficiency.

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Productivity Reports

Spot patterns that fuel success. Gain valuable insights and increase team productivity. These out-of-the-box reports enable you to drill down by date range, users, computers, and other criteria to quickly discover trends.

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Workforce Insights

Uncover hidden potential. View key insights across people, process and technology to help your organization increase productivity, reduce risk, optimize work, and ensure healthy work habits.

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Benchmarks & Goals

Set lofty goals…and achieve them. Using benchmark and historical data, you can set workforce productivity benchmarks and track progress to desired performance. View trends across your team’s top quartile and average to help inform goals set across your team.

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Activity Classification

Customize for your business or let ActivTrak automatically classify common applications and websites so you can measure productive and unproductive activities in your organization.

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Application & Website Usage

Understand which applications and websites employees use to identify adoption gaps, potential risk areas from unvetted tools, and budget for the right tools where you really need to.

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Use pre-built alarms or create your own based on any combination of conditions. Out-of-the-box alarms help you track and get alerted to events such as file sharing, user deletion and more.

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Activity Logs

Reference detailed logs of user activities and security events to better understand what transpired, when and by whom, while simultaneously providing insights to help ensure compliance.

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Easily integrate ActivTrak productivity data with your other software applications to get the deeper insights you need to boost productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

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Real-time User Activity

Keep a real-time pulse on your team’s availability and engagement in the modern workplace – hybrid and remote. Check in on your teams without interrupting them when they are “in the flow”.

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Website Blocking

Prevent visits to certain websites to help improve productivity, ensure compliance, and prevent access to inappropriate websites – simply add, remove or modify your list of blocked domains.

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Frequently asked questions about productivity management & measurement

What is productivity management?

Productivity management is a key aspect of people management, which includes a set of insights and skills that help employees, teams and organizations improve productivity. This includes measurement, goal setting, development and communications techniques that help employees increase their productivity and improve performance. Productivity is the degree to which outcomes are efficiency achieved through maximizing inputs.

Productivity is at its best when people are empowered, processes are optimized, and technology is maximized. Workforce analytics solutions, like ActivTrak, can help by collecting user activity data and insights in context, so you can understand and measure productivity, analyze the findings and plan how to design work days and set goals to help boost productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

What are the measures of productivity?

Achieving productivity requires teams to be able to see and measure what work habits drive results and to understand where improvements can be made across people, process and technology to boost efficiency and minimize distraction. Workforce productivity analytics solutions collect and analyze digital user activity to help organizations understand productivity drivers like time management, technology usage, focus time, context-switching and more. Gaining visibility into these productivity drivers, with the ability to view trends, benchmarks, summaries and team comparisons, can provide valuable insights to help organizations improve business outcomes.

How do you monitor employee productivity?

Workforce productivity analytics solutions, like ActivTrak, collect and analyze digital user activity to help organizations gain visibility into productivity drivers like time management, technology usage, focus time, context-switching and more. With the ability to view productivity trends, benchmarks, summaries and team comparisons, organizations can better support employees.

Unlike employee monitoring which tends to focus on answering the question “Are my Employees working?”, workforce productivity analytics dives deeper to provide insights into how time is spent, how teams interact, how technology is used and how employees can improve focus, all helping to answer the bigger question “How can productivity be optimized.” With these data-driven insights, business leaders, teams, and individuals can collaborate on ways to improve productivity across an organization.

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