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User Management

ActivTrak makes it easy to invite and manage users within your ActivTrak account.

Automated User Management via Azure AD

Automatically configure users and groups inside ActivTrak without having to administer changes manually.

  • Create and delete Groups.
  • Add users to the Do Not Track list.
  • Add and Remove users from Groups.
  • Delete Users.

Group Management

Organize users into Groups to ensure accurate reporting and responsible sharing of employee data.

  • View a specific team’s data and manage who sees what data.
  • Group productivity classification to identify productive/unproductive activities across teams.
  • Upload Groups and assignments in bulk.
  • Set team benchmarks and goals based on Groups.

Configurable User Roles

Give each app user access to the specific insights they need without compromising employee privacy.

  • Assign users to default personas with predefined view access.
  • Fine tune and configure individual user access to specific apps, reports and dashboards.
  • Create custom groups with distinct permissions.
Configurable User Roles

Agent Deployment

Kick off your data cycle by installing at least one ActivTrak Agent.

  • Deploy to a machine directly or remotely.
  • Install silently, unknown to the user.
  • Auto-update without any action needed from an account Admin.

Schedule Working Hours

Multiple schedules can be created to reflect the standard working hours of individual employees or teams

  • Prevent the Agent from collecting data during off-hours activity.
  • Stop tracking users while they are out of the office.
  • Tracking for each user is based on their computer time zone, not the account time zone.


Change the viewable name of a user or computer with an alias.

  • Make reports easier to read and interpret.
  • Combine data from multiple devices into a single report.

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