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Location Insights

Make data-driven decisions about hybrid work with insight into where employees work — and where they work best.

Correlate Location to Productivity & Work Habits

Develop the optimal hybrid work policy for your organization with location-based productivity data.

  • Determine whether employees are more productive when working in the office, remotely or hybrid
  • Identify trends in working hours by location, like later start times due to an office commute or longer days due to the always-on nature of remote work
  • Compare individual productivity to understand who works best in which environment
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Get Out-of-the-Box Insights into Remote vs. In-office Work

Automatically detect whether employees are remote or in-office, even when connected to a VPN or remote desktop.

  • Identify employee location out of the box. Location detection is fully automated, with the option to provide a supplementary list of IPs
  • Determine remote vs. office location even when employees are connected to a VPN or remote desktop
  • Don’t rely on IP address alone — our location detection model incorporates unique on-device signals to improve the accuracy of location data
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Validate Compliance with Hybrid Work Policies

Understand who is in the office and when, with accurate, comprehensive location analysis.

  • View an org- or team-level breakdown of days spent in office, remote and hybrid to gauge compliance with workplace policies
  • Assess office utilization over time to learn the effect of policy changes
  • See how many days each team member spent in the office over a given time period
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Determine Office Space Requirements

Maximize the value of real estate investments with insight into office utilization.

  • See how often hybrid employees are in the office to determine how much space is needed on a regular basis
  • Support a cost-benefit analysis of closing an office or reducing its footprint
  • Determine whether hybrid work policies should be amended to encourage more frequent office usage
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