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Analyzing workforce productivity can be a challenge. We make it easier.

Join the countless organizations that have unlocked their productivity potential.

Compared with early 2021, when the remote workday often bled into evening, the average worker now signs off an hour earlier, at 4:03 p.m., according to an analysis of 75,000 workers across North America by workforce analytics firm ActivTrak. — March 27, 2024

Advice, perspectives and trends

A productive workplace has advantages that extend far beyond business performance. Better workplaces lead to happier people and happier people lead to better work cultures. We can help you achieve optimal organizational success by better understanding and managing:

Trends across organizations, functions, teams and roles such as optimal work hours, burnout risks and collaboration habits

Roadblocks across people, processes and technology such as inadequate training or failed technology – adoption

Distractions & Interruptions such as continuous chat and email alerts

Actions & Responses such as modifying work schedules to eliminate burnout and maximize focus

Culture & Innovation such as how supportive and positive workplaces lead to more engaged and productive workforces

Strategy Shifts that reveal how changes in company leadership or direction can impact productivity and business performance

Meet our Productivity Lab experts

Gabriela Mauch who has brown hair and is smiling.

Gabriela Mauch

Gabriela Mauch is the VP of Customer Experience and ActivTrak’s Productivity Lab responsible for customer value, expansion and growth, as well as overseeing the company’s world-class productivity thought leadership team. As an expert in organizational effectiveness, leadership and design, she has spent last 10 years helping a wide variety of organizations build outcome-oriented, performance-driven teams.

Victor Obando, Sales

Victor Obando

As VP of Customer Experience & Technical Solutions, Victor leverages 16 years of expertise in enterprise software applications, cloud solutions and information security. Formerly the Director of Solutions Architecture at AT&T Cybersecurity, he supported MSSP business and global enterprise customers. Victor is now dedicated to optimizing ActivTrak investments for customers, ensuring a seamless and impactful experience through tailored technical solutions.