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Using Calendar & Location Data to Complete the Productivity Picture for Remote & Hybrid Teams

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Employers say the #1 disadvantage of remote work is how difficult it is to observe employees to help them do their jobs, according to a new report by ZipRecruiter. And with 58% of employees in a remote or hybrid work model, this challenge will only grow. But with ActivTrak it doesn’t have to.

Join our on-demand session – with demos – to see how ActivTrak provides the visibility and leading indicators to solve this for your organization. You’ll learn:

  • Why this challenge needs attention now – for the sake of retention, productivity and more
  • How to leverage our new calendar feature (Offline Meetings)
  • How to draw insights from location data to learn where your team is most productive – in person, remote or hybrid
  • How to turn these insights into action so you can quickly identify where and what you need to do to improve performance

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