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The Challenge:

How do you improve productivity in a complex environment?

Using productivity monitoring software and measuring employee productivity across teams can be a difficult proposition. With factors such as varying operating processes and different job roles adding to the complexity, what may be productive to one team may not be for others. 

Often there is no real track record to know what a productive employee even looks like, much less how to measure productive behavior.

The Solution:

ActivTrak – Visibility and Analysis of Workforce Productivity

ActivTrak collects user activity data and insights in context so you can see from team to team what a productive team member looks like, analyze your findings, and optimize better business outcomes in the future.

With ActivTrak’s productivity monitoring software you can:

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Productivity reports

Gain productivity insights organization-wide

Productivity measurement begins with the collection and analysis of user activity data. With ActivTrak’s deep insights on that data, users can easily see where there are gains to be made and where productivity is already excelling.

  • View total and productive time by individual and team to understand what is typical and who stands out as a top performer.
  • Identify collaboration tools employees use most by categories such as messaging, email, meetings, etc. to understand where your employees work.
  • Drill-down into detailed reports for additional analysis on top users, categories, applications, and productivity.
  • Analyze hours of peak productivity to see when your team is most focused.
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workload balance

Identify overloaded employees or unbalanced workloads

Get clear visibility into employee, team, and department groups’ total and productive working hours. 

  • View trends in productive and passive time to identify potentially overloaded employees so you can redistribute tasks and optimize workload.
  • See a breakdown of individual and team work time by app or category to understand what activities are consuming the most time.
  • Analyze activities daily, weekly, and monthly to plan and improve scheduling.
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Data integrations

Analyze workforce productivity trends over time

Track, measure, and analyze productivity trends over time across teams and roles in order to understand organization-wide behavior. With ActivTrak’s ActivConnect, you can integrate workforce productivity activities with other external sources for deeper analytics.

  • Get direct data access via SQL for export and querying. 
  • Query and integrate user activity data with BI data visualization tools for personalized reporting.
  • Leverage built-in starter templates for BI data visualization tools like Tableau, PowerBI, and Google Data Studio to jumpstart and extend your analysis.
  • Correlate ActivTrak data with other data sources such as CRM, HRM, EPM, etc. for deeper insights.
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Benchmarks and goals

Make productivity a team effort through transparency

Productivity monitoring software shouldn’t be used in the shadows. With transparency, you can invite team members to the conversation and remind them that the business’ success is their success.

  • Data insights and reports can be leveraged as coaching tools to increase both employee engagement and overall job satisfaction.
  • Role-based access allows managers to grant employees access to their own data, encouraging transparency and collaboration.
  • Schedule to share individual insights with each team member to empower constructive conversations.
  • Leverage productivity reports to find the right workload balance for each team member.
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Explore all ActivTrak features


Tune into key trends. A quick at-a-glance summary of workforce performance and productivity trends. Everything you need to start your analysis of workforce productivity and operational efficiency.

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Productivity Reports

Spot patterns that fuel success. Gain valuable insights and increase team productivity. These out-of-the-box reports enable you to drill down by date range, users, computers, and other criteria to quickly discover trends.

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Workforce Insights

Uncover hidden potential. View key insights across people, process and technology to help your organization increase productivity, reduce risk, optimize work, and ensure healthy work habits.

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Benchmarks & Goals

Set lofty goals…and achieve them. Using benchmark and historical data, you can set workforce productivity benchmarks and track progress to desired performance. View trends across your team’s top quartile and average to help inform goals set across your team.

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Activity Classification

Customize for your business or let ActivTrak automatically classify common applications and websites so you can measure productive and unproductive activities in your organization.

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Application & Website Usage

Understand which applications and websites employees use to identify adoption gaps, potential risk areas from unvetted tools, and budget for the right tools where you really need to.

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Use pre-built alarms or create your own based on any combination of conditions. Out-of-the-box alarms help you track and get alerted to events such as file sharing, user deletion and more.

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Activity Logs

Reference detailed logs of user activities and security events to better understand what transpired, when and by whom, while simultaneously providing insights to help ensure compliance.

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Easily integrate ActivTrak productivity data with your other software applications to get the deeper insights you need to boost productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

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Real-time User Activity

Keep a real-time pulse on your team’s availability and engagement in the modern workplace – hybrid and remote. Check in on your teams without interrupting them when they are “in the flow”.

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Website Blocking

Prevent visits to certain websites to help improve productivity, ensure compliance, and prevent access to inappropriate websites – simply add, remove or modify your list of blocked domains.

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Our Approach to Productivity Monitoring and Employee Monitoring

Improving productivity organization-wide requires creating a baseline with which to measure from. Creating that baseline necessitates the collection and monitoring of employee activity data. We know employee monitoring and activity analysis have a mixed history and association with surveillance and heavy oversight. ActivTrak intends to change that by focusing on the real output of employee monitoring: improved productivity.

We designed ActivTrak from an ethical stance:

with the foundational principles of transparency, collaboration and informed insight. We’ve willfully developed a powerful platform that focuses on the collection of contextual data, avoiding intrusive employee monitoring technologies like video surveillance and continuous screenshots.

We challenge users of our product to join us on our journey to move employee monitoring from the time of oversight and into the results and data-driven space that is productivity insights and optimization of work.

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