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Using ActivTrak to Measure Engagement (and Spot Disengagement)

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ActivTrak’s personal insights report, which is helpful to measure engagement.

How to detect mouse-jiggling tech, quiet quitting and more


Keeping a high level of team productivity is crucial, and disengagement can cause significant issues. Recognizing the signs of disengagement early is key to preventing its negative effects. So how can you identify those signs before they become a problem? 

Join us for this on-demand session where we’ll show you how to use ActivTrak to do just that. Learn how to:

  • Spot early indicators of burnout or quiet quitting and get coaching suggestions to help engage your team
  • Assess and optimize workload balance across teams
  • Identify and mitigate sources of distraction that take time away from focused work
  • Share Personal Insights with employees to help them understand their work habits and empower them to work smarter

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