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2023 State of the Workplace: Employee Productivity & Engagement Trends

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Changes in how and where we work have become the norm the last few years. But what shifted in 2022? And what can we learn from those insights for 2023?

ActivTrak’s Productivity Lab analyzed data from over 900 companies and 134,000 employees to uncover the latest workplace insights and trends around productivity, engagement and technology. Findings suggest:

  • Employee well-being remains at risk. 28% of employees are at risk of attrition due to disengagement or burnout.
  • The risk of digital overload is increasing. Employees interacted with 20% more sites, tools and apps in 2022.
  • The anatomy of the work day remains consistent. Employees spent roughly the same amount of time behind the screen (7 hrs 24 mins/day).
  • …and many more workplace trends

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