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How ActivTrak Helps Inside Sales and Call Centers Achieve Workforce Productivity Success

How ActivTrak Helps Inside Sales and Call Centers Achieve Workforce Productivity Success

The role of inside sales and call centers has rapidly evolved over the past few years. With an increased number of communication channels, organizations can engage with prospects and customers in ways beyond the traditional phone call.

This change also presented the opportunity to deploy flexible work arrangements with the physical footprint becoming less important. In fact, 34% of inside sales and call center companies have a remote presence, and 56% plan to have one by 2024 according to Deloitte.

With the need to support hybrid and remote work, some of the biggest challenges that managers face when switching to a flexible work program include:

By implementing a workforce analytics tool, organizations are setting their employees and themselves up for success.

Getting the insights your team needs with ActivTrak

ActivTrak is a workforce analytics and productivity SaaS platform that provides data-driven insights through intuitive reports and dashboards. These allow managers to understand how employees get work done, spotlight successful sales patterns, and prioritize the work that matters most. 

For example, managers gain actionable insights around:

  • How time is spent
    • Action: View daily, weekly, and monthly work patterns including most-used apps, total work time, and productive work time with the Activity Breakdown Report
    • Benefit: Managers understand when employees are most focused, helping them more effectively route complex customer interactions
  • Ways to coach employees
    • Action: Get personalized recommendations on how to fine-tune workload balance, productivity, efficiency, and focus across teams with the Coaching Opportunity Report. 
    • Benefit: This helps managers define an expectation of productivity for employees and understand who stands out as a top performer.
  • Benchmarks & goal setting
    • Action: Employees and managers can see how their productivity, focus, and collaboration habits compare to their team’s with the Benchmarks and Goal Report
    • Benefit: Helps managers set workforce productivity benchmarks and track  progress of their employees’ desired sales performance.
  • How productive your team is
    • Action: Gain real-time productivity metrics and insights into active, passive, and offline time with Team Pulse.
    • Benefit: Managers can filter their dashboard to see specific groups or each employee’s current working status to understand what employees complete, and how much time it takes to achieve goals.
  • How technology is used
    • Action: Identify usage of irregular or unproductive apps and proactively uncover gaps in procedure training with the Technology Usage Report.
    • Benefit: Managers can address policy exceptions and prevent compliance risks by having visibility into websites or apps used by their employees.
  • Key user behavioral activity data
    • Action: Gain direct access to key user activity data to query and combine with external data visualization tools with ActivConnect.
    • Benefit: Managers can quickly generate detailed reports from their platform of choice in the areas of application usage, sales and collaboration trends, employee burnout risk, and more.

Everyone wins with ActivTrak

Inside sales and call centers located around the globe use ActivTrak’s productivity insights to equip leaders with the data they need to improve workforce productivity and operational efficiency within and across teams. 

The ActivTrak platform helps inside sales and call centers efficiently:

  • Empower employees to work when and where it makes sense for them 
  • Increase accountability while instilling a culture of trust and transparency
  • Enable managers to run more effective and productive teams
  • Identify and resolve workflow bottlenecks
  • Track productivity trends across hybrid, remote, and in-office work settings
  • Find coaching and training opportunities

ActivTrak provides data-driven insights that paint a more consistent, continuous, and unbiased picture of employee engagement and productivity over time.

Leaders can track performance trends, identify burnout risk, reduce distractions, and recapture critical focus time, helping companies design more optimal workloads, workflows, and workdays that help reduce the risk of turnover.

Start improving your team’s productivity and operational efficiency today — create a free account.

About ActivTrak

ActivTrak helps companies unlock productivity potential. Our award-winning workforce analytics and productivity management software provides expert insights that empower people, optimize processes, and maximize technology. Additionally, with data sourced from more than 9,000 customers and over 450,000 users, ActivTrak’s Workforce Productivity Lab is a global center for ground-breaking research and expertise that helps companies embrace and embody the future of work.