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Assess the Actual Effect of Organizational Change — with Impact Analysis

Understand how your workforce is impacted by changes to workplace policy, leadership, technology and more.

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The true impact of organizational change can be difficult to measure. A shift to hybrid work, a leadership change, a reduction in force — all can significantly impact employee productivity, engagement and overall satisfaction. Leaders are often left guessing what’s driving improvement and what’s having a negative effect. And they often don’t understand the true implications until it’s too late.

With ActivTrak’s Impact Analysis, you can assess the actual effects of organizational change through:

  • Before-and-after analyses: Learn the impact of one-time events, like a leadership change or reduction in force
  • A/B testing: Run A/B tests, like testing trials of new programs or technology before implementing more broadly
  • Side-by-side comparisons: Easily draw meaningful conclusions without time-consuming analysis
  • Feedback loops: Help leaders understand what’s driving positive results and where intervention may be needed

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