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An overworked manager in his office brainstorming solutions for overworked employees.

8 Solutions to Help Overworked Employees

Discover eight solutions to help overworked employees and the challenges they face. Learn how workforce analytics software can help overworked employees

ActivTrak’s workload balance and location insights reports, highlighting 2 workforce analytics trends.

5 Must-Know Workforce Analytics Trends

Emerging trends in workforce analytics, or people analytics, can help businesses boost productivity, build data-driven policies, predict outcomes and more.

a team manager taking advantage of the benefits of remote work while maximizing productivity for the business.

9 Benefits of Remote Work for Employers

Discover nine benefits of remote work for employers. While working remotely certainly benefits employees, let’s take a look at benefits for employers.

a pair of scissors cutting costs to reduce SaaS costs.

5 Proven Strategies to Reduce SaaS Costs

Follow these tips to reduce your SaaS costs and get more value from your SaaS investments. Boost profitability with a proven SaaS spend management plan.

An employee looking at their computer being overwhelmed and burnt out

9 Ways to Prevent Employee Burnout

Finding the balance between being a high-performing organization & having healthy employees is an important part of workforce management for any business.