How ActivTrak Helps MSPs Deliver Visibility Into Remote/Hybrid Work

Many organizations are finding that workforce analytics solutions provide significant benefits, whether employees are primarily working at home, or in the office. This presents an opportunity for MSPs to expand their service offerings to include workforce analytics solutions to help their customers optimize work productivity and support employee well-being.

Five Metrics You Can Monitor to Reduce Employee Burnout

Taking a proactive approach to burnout prevention will ultimately improve employee retention, engagement, and productivity. Here are five key metrics that can be measured to spot signs of burnout and help employees correct course.

5 Ways to Appreciate Your Team… This Holiday and Beyond

People make your brand. Your day-to-day. Your product. The experience your customers and clients have with you. They. Are. Everything. Which is why it’s no surprise that a study by Adam Grant and Francesca Gino found that when people experience gratitude from their manager, they’re more productive.

Transitioning to a Hybrid Model with ActivTrak

Making the transition from a fully in-office or fully remote working arrangement to a hybrid work model can be challenging. Workforce analytics can preserve business continuity and improve the employee experience during times of change.