A laptop screen showing an ActivTrak Security Audit, used for productivity measurement.

5 Employee Monitoring Myths: Debunked

Is it only for paranoid bosses? Will it crush team morale? Separate fact from fiction by exploring common misconceptions about employee monitoring technology.

A man working on his laptop, with productivity measurement software, at a large wooden table with tall windows behind him.

Top Remote Workforce Analytics Tools

To help you better understand how remote workforce analytics tools can help, we’re highlighting a few industry-leading solutions. Read more here.

A woman working on her laptop, which uses productivity measurement software, in a café with small, blue couches.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring has evolved. By adhering to these do’s and don’ts, you can implement a modern employee monitoring program with data analytics that is a win for everyone.

A laptop showing ActivTrak's screenshot redaction settings from productivity measurement software.

Productivity Hack: How to Find Your Most Productive Hours

With the latest surge in employees working from home, many organizations have relaxed a bit on employee schedules. Instead of mandating uniform working hours, many managers have allowed for more flexible and varying work schedules.