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Amid Market Volatility, A Steady Flow of Insights Drives Essential Decisions

Amid volatile market conditions, ActivTrak customers are discovering the importance of having access to workforce analytics data.

Gabriela Mauch

By Gabriela Mauch

Person looking at ActivTrak’s impact analysis report on a laptop.

Late last year, my role expanded from leading ActivTrak’s Productivity Lab to leading Customer Success. This shift was strategic. It positioned us to more effectively integrate the best practices and research conducted by our Productivity Lab into the daily guidance our Customer Success team imparts to customers.

This means our customers are better equipped with best-in-class productivity improvement practices. And secondly, our research is informed by the daily productivity challenges felt by over 9,500 customers across the globe. And so, we’ve created a feedback loop for ActivTrak to even better position itself as an expert in productivity management – powered by customer experiences and expertise.

In just a few months, it’s become very evident the use cases and trends our customers find most valuable today. Of course, metrics such as Productivity Efficiency have been consistently important as organizations throughout the years observe the trends of their overarching productivity habits.

That said, it’s worth sharing that today’s use cases look very different from those in 2021. Why? The workplace, market dynamics, technology solutions, real estate supply – the list goes on – all looked very different as well. Because of these shifts, I’d like to share questions ActivTrak has addressed for our customers amidst the shifting market dynamics.

2021 to Early 2022

Answered questions to:

Mid-2022 to Today

Answers questions to:

Workload Balance

  • Which employees are at risk of burnout?
  • How long has burnout persisted?
  • What teams are partaking in healthy disconnect habits throughout the day? 
  • Where can I shift work to underutilized employees?
  • Where am I seeing drops in engagement?
  • Where is burnout increasing as a result of layoffs and increasing capacity on fewer people?

Technology Usage

  • Are employees adopting the new technology we’ve purchased for our hybrid work environment?
  • Where do we need more licenses?
  • How can we better train employees with our technology solutions?
  • What solutions are unused?
  • Where can we repurpose or scale back technology licenses?
  • Where are we not using technology that, if used, could increase our efficiency and decrease the workload burden on our teams?

Side by Side Comparison

  • What can we learn from other teams with higher productivity?
  • What distractions plague some teams and not others? And why?
  • How do focus and collaboration vary across teams?
  • What technology solutions do different teams use?

Location Insights

  • Which teams have higher/lower productivity based on where we think they’re working? 
  • Where are employees working?
  • How does productivity vary by location?
  • How much office space is being used and by whom?
  • Is there an opportunity to reduce our commercial real estate footprint?

Capacity Planning

Not available

  • Where do I have the capacity to redistribute work?
  • Where do I have the capacity to increase/decrease/shift headcount?

Impact Analysis

Not available

  • What is the impact of my transformational efforts across the organization?
  • Where am I seeing a shift in behaviors as a result of leadership changes? Investments? Reorgs?
  • How do my policies impact employee behavior? Are we achieving the intended outcome?
  • How has the introduction of technology solutions changed the way we work?

As we watch our customers continue their partnership with us over the years, it becomes all the more evident that we’ve built a product that serves different market circumstances. And while the circumstances of the market may change, the value of the data remains vital.

Learn about ActivTrak’s top 10 productivity insights here or request a demo with one of our experts.

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