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How to Use ActivTrak’s Impact Analysis to Understand the Effects of Organizational Change

Learn how ActivTrak Impact Analysis gives you the insights you need to make better decisions. Understand the actual effects of changes to a system or process in an organization.

By Javier Aldrete

Impact analysis dashboards showing the business impact of an organizational change

Impact analysis is a powerful way to understand the actual effects of changes to a system or process in an organization. With a recession looming, companies of all sizes are trying to find ways to operate more efficiently. Even with the best intentions, some of those changes can affect the organization in negative ways, too.

And that’s why we developed Impact Analysis. With it, leaders and teams can now understand the true impact of organizational change through testing and feedback loops. Read on to learn about Impact Analysis and how it can help you through the current economic climate and beyond.

How ActivTrak Impact Analysis works


Impact Analysis gives you the insights you need to make better decisions. Leaders need this visibility to understand the effects of organizational change — and to take appropriate and meaningful action.

Need to understand the impact of a one-time event? Conduct a before-and-after analysis. For example, if a team leader leaves the organization or the company goes through a reduction in force, you can use Impact Analysis to see if employee productivity and work habits have shifted since the change. These shifts can be important indicators of low morale or engagement, signaling to leaders that teams are in need of support.

Want to pilot a new workplace program or technology with a smaller group of employees before rolling it out more broadly? Use Impact Analysis to run an A/B test. Say you’re thinking of instituting a full return to office. You can start with a small number of teams to assess how the policy affects the length of employees’ workdays, their ability to focus and their overall productivity. This data can help justify an org-wide roll-out or a decision to change course.

Impact Analysis Success Story

"We found the impact analysis feature to be a fantastic addition to our ActivTrak reporting. Impact analysis allowed us to quickly see changes over time and across different departments letting us know that an intervention we made had a big difference on workforce analytics data and overall productivity! This feature is a great addition to a terrific workforce analytics tool!"

-VP, HR Ops: E-Retail Organization

Ways to use Impact Analysis

The best way to communicate the value of Impact Analysis is to share how ActivTrak customers are using it to make better decisions around organizational change. Here are a few examples:

Reductions in force

Many organizations have to face the unfortunate situation of letting employees go, especially during times of economic uncertainty. While a layoff or reduction in workforce may be necessary to help an organization’s bottom line and maintain operations during a slow period, other aspects of the lower headcount can be harder to assess. Impact Analysis helps organizations address questions around changes in workload and morale so managers can better support their teams through the transition and prevent burnout and attrition.


Potential return to office

Over the past few years, it’s become normal for employees to work from home, but many organizations still question the effects of remote work on employee effectiveness and morale. If your company is considering a return-to-office mandate, you need hard data to weigh the costs and benefits of this approach against a hybrid or flexible work policy.


Leadership or management change

Anytime there’s a change in leadership – whether it’s the departure of an executive or the promotion of a middle manager to a more senior role – it can cause confusion and disruption among employees. Leaders need a way to see how these changes impact employees, both in positive and negative ways, in order to mitigate uncertainty and keep teams engaged.


Piloting a new employee onboarding program

Employee onboarding is critical to a new hire’s success in their role, so it’s in an organization’s best interest to periodically assess the effectiveness of current programs and invest in improvements. Companies can A/B test a new onboarding initiative to determine if it leads to faster ramp-up times and improves retention during employees’ first 90 days.


Analyzing the impact of change on systems and processes

In a time where increased efficiency is often the focus, knowing what changes are best for your organization — and how to implement them — is key. ActivTrak’s Impact Analysis gives leaders objective indicators of employee productivity, engagement and well-being. Meaning — leaders can mitigate negative consequences and invest in programs that drive positive results.

If you’re ready to see how Impact Analysis can give you visibility into how change affects your organization, request a free demo of Impact Analysis here.

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