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ActivTrak Adds New Features to Inform Workforce Planning Decisions

Workload Capacity and Impact Analysis arm leaders with data to respond to evolving economic conditions

ActivTrak today announced the availability of two new features, Workload Capacity and Impact Analysis, that support data-informed workforce planning and organizational design, and help organizations optimize efficiency and identify cost savings.  

Hybrid work, layoffs and budget cuts continue to impact how, when and where people work. As a result, organizations need to understand: Who has capacity to take on more work? What is the impact of a RIF (reduction in force)? How much office space do we need? Where can we find software savings? In the absence of data, many lack the information they need to answer these questions.

ActivTrak’s new Workforce Capacity dashboard gives leaders and managers a visual snapshot of employee workloads based on short- and long-term historical data. These insights help them make data-informed decisions about headcount planning, workload balancing, and resource allocation.

ActivTrak’s new Impact Analysis feature helps organizations assess the effects of organizational change by conducting before-and-after analyses or A/B tests of different work programs. These insights help leaders analyze shifts in productivity, engagement technology usage and take action to:

  • Understand the impact of a leadership or management change
  • Assess the implications of a new hybrid/flexible work policy 
  • Trial a new technology before rolling it out more broadly
  • Determine the feasibility of implementing a 4-day work week
  • Gauge employee productivity after a RIF


“Leaders face daunting challenges balancing the uncertainty of a weak economy with the shifting nature and conditions of hybrid work,” said Javier Aldrete, senior vice president of product at ActivTrak. “Our Workforce Capacity and Impact Analysis insights help leaders better understand if and where they need to streamline operations, invest in more resources, or validate current course and speed — with the additional benefit of testing various scenarios to ensure they achieve the desired goal.”

Workforce Capacity and Impact Analysis combined with ActivTrak Location Insights, help leaders define workplace policies and make better real estate decisions.

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Cybele Diamandopoulos
ActivTrak, Inc.
[email protected]


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