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Data-Driven Workforce Planning: How to Do More With Less

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productive employee with flexible work policies and manageable workload

Hybrid work models, distributed workforces and a weakening economy make workforce planning one of the greatest challenges for organizations in 2023. During this webcast, we discuss how employee data can help answer questions like:

  • How will a potential org or process change impact employee productivity?
  • How can we distribute workloads more evenly across employees and teams?
  • Which teams/employees have too much work or have the capacity to take on more?
  • If we have to downsize, what data should we leverage in the decision-making?
  • How much office space is really being used by employees?

This training session includes a 30-minute TRAINING of the newest features in ActivTrak:

  • Impact Analysis: Conduct before-and-after analyses of organizational changes. Easily identify positive or negative shifts in productivity, engagement and technology usage.
  • Capacity Planning: Analyze workloads based on historical data. Then, make informed decisions to balance projects across team members — now and in the future.
  • Location Insights: Develop and optimize flexible work policies based on objective data.

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