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A laptop screen showing an ActivTrak Security Audit, used for productivity measurement.

5 Employee Monitoring Myths: Debunked

Is it only for paranoid bosses? Will it crush team morale? Separate fact from fiction by exploring common misconceptions about employee monitoring technology.

A man working on his laptop, with productivity measurement software, at a large wooden table with tall windows behind him.

Top Remote Workforce Analytics Tools

To help you better understand how remote workforce analytics tools can help, we’re highlighting a few industry-leading solutions. Read more here.

A woman working on her laptop, which uses productivity measurement software, in a café with small, blue couches.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring has evolved. By adhering to these do’s and don’ts, you can implement a modern employee monitoring program with data analytics that is a win for everyone.

A laptop showing ActivTrak's screenshot redaction settings from productivity measurement software.

Productivity Hack: How to Find Your Most Productive Hours

With the latest surge in employees working from home, many organizations have relaxed a bit on employee schedules. Instead of mandating uniform working hours, many managers have allowed for more flexible and varying work schedules.

Hands typing on a keyboard of an Apple computer, which uses productivity measurement software and wearing an apple watch.

What Is Productivity
in the Workplace?

Organizations can help employees work more efficiently with workforce analytics and productivity management software that helps contextualize workflows. Read how in our blog.