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5 Essential Tools to Manage a Remote Workforce

The rapid rise of remote work is undeniable. Companies need to put measures in place to ensure that they can manage a remote workforce effectively and efficiently. Learn what tools make this shift seamless.

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How Insider Threats Cause Breaches in Healthcare

Learn how insiders cause data privacy breaches in healthcare. Since the healthcare industry has reduced paper-based PHI, insider data incidents in healthcare make up 58% of all cyber securitybreach incidents.

How many company licenses aren't being used? Surrounded by company logos for Salesforce, Dropbox, Adobe and others.

Have You Purchased Too Many Software Licenses?

From connecting remote teams to streamlining the management of massive projects, there’s a valuable tool to help. As valuable as these tools are, they’re also costly and open up to potential security flaws. So, ask yourself: are your teams using all those tools effectively?

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How to Transition to a Remote Workforce

Here are some tips to navigate challenges of remote workforce management. Remote work is growing, and organizations are working to improve processes and tools to suit the company and their employees.

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6 Ways Departing Employees Steal Data

A large portion of departing employees take company data with them when they leave. Learn about the popular ways employees steal data so you can prevent them.