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What Are ActivTrak Customers Saying?

ActivTrak customers no longer have to wonder how their users spend time on the computer. Unbiased data reveal informative insights about computer usage.

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New Feature—Real-Time Monitoring

With ActivTrak real-time monitoring, you can actively check in with monitored devices at any point. User activity data is displayed, so you have up-to-date and accurate insight into your office.

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ActivTrak 2015: A Year in Review

2015 was a banner year for ActivTrak. We expanded our team, enhanced our product, and relaunched our reseller program for a better experience.

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How Technology Can Help Managers Make Informed Decisions

So how do you strike a balance between ensuring employee productivity and positive encouragement? Many organizations turn to ActivTrak to monitor computer usage, which can give managers a page-by-page view of an employee’s screen.

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Webinar—ActivTrak Product Demo

If you’re just getting started with productivity optimization and find all the tools, settings, and reports overwhelming, this session is for you.

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Increase Productivity with Website Blocking

Website Blocking is an outstanding and an easy-to-use feature of ActivTrak that helps you quickly block suspicious, harmful, useless, and time-wasting websites on an individual computer or in a workgroup.