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Productivity Hack: How to Find Your Most Productive Hours

With the latest surge in employees working from home, many organizations have relaxed a bit on employee schedules. Instead of mandating uniform working hours, many managers have allowed for more flexible and varying work schedules.

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What Is Productivity
in the Workplace?

Organizations can help employees work more efficiently with workforce analytics and productivity management software that helps contextualize workflows. Read how in our blog.

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How to Increase Operational Efficiency Using ActivTrak

Workforce analytics can help you get a clear picture of your remote workforce productivity, processes, and systems. This valuable data can help boost your team’s operational efficiency and improve results overall.

Case Study: Using ActivTrak to Smooth the Transition to Remote Work

Case Study: Using ActivTrak to Smooth the Transition to Remote Work

We recently interviewed Trevor Greene of SiteTech Systems, a diversified consulting, research, and analytics company, to understand how ActivTrak helped SiteTech Systems quickly transition to a remote workforce without disruption to client service during COVID-19.

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Tweet Chat Recap: What We Learned from Remote Work Experts

In collaboration with remote work industry expert, Forbes contributor, and Founder of Distribute Consulting, Laurel Farrer, we recently hosted a Tweet Chat to discuss “Remote Management 101: Strategies for Implementing a Work-From-Home Program".