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How ActivTrak Helps With Compliance

See how ActivTrak’s real-time analytics help ensure compliance in remote and hybrid work environments.

Stephanie Stouck

By Stephanie Stouck

How ActivTrak Helps With Compliance

ActivTrak respects data privacy laws in our data-driven approach to analyze productivity. Our commitment to data privacy and security ensures businesses are compliant while achieving business productivity goals.

Designed with the key elements of trust, transparency, privacy, compliance and security top of mind, ActivTrak intentionally developed a powerful workforce analytics solution that focuses on the collection of contextual data, avoiding intrusive employee monitoring techniques.

We recommend being transparent with employees about the intent, use, benefit, expectation and trustworthy application of ActivTrak’s insights for improved productivity, healthier work habits and greater engagement. Our data privacy controls and related features help safeguard personal in Data Privacy Controls formation and ensure your business is compliant through:

Need a starting point? We have developed several resources to help customers configure ActivTrak to help assess risks, prevent unauthorized access to personal information, secure data and demonstrate compliance.

Finally, our own technology has robust safeguards and controls in place to help ensure security and compliance. We regularly test our infrastructure and applications rigorously to isolate and remediate vulnerabilities. We also work with industry security teams and third-party specialists to keep our users and their data safe. All account data is encrypted on the end-user device, in transit and storage in our Google Cloud. ActivTrak is a certified SOC 2 Type 1 & 2 compliant solutions provider, with multiple layers of protection across a distributed and reliable infrastructure. We go above and beyond standard industry norms to enforce the highest level of security for the data entrusted to us.

NOTE: This post is not intended to replace official legal counsel. We are not legal experts. Please consult your lawyer. We exist to help customers improve their business. It’s important for us to show how they can maintain responsible control over the data collected and protect it in accordance with privacy and security requirements.

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