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2024 State of the Workplace: Emerging Technology & Employee Engagement Trends

Discover the latest workplace trends in the 2024 State of the Workplace report. Explore findings on productivity, well-being, and emerging technology.

Productivity Lab

By Productivity Lab

State of the workplace report cover image showing the report cover and report data showing productivity and engagement findings.

Discover the current state of the workplace with research from 135,098 employees from 958 companies over three years. Understand key findings around productivity, well-being and emerging technology in the 2024 State of the Workplace Report. 

We’re excited to release the third edition of the Productivity Lab’s State of the Workplace report. With data reflecting actual employee behavior over three years across 135,098 employees from 958 customers, it is one of the most direct and objective studies of when, and how, modern work happens. 

The study looked at year-over-year comparisons between 2022 and 2023, and included 2021 for three-year trend analysis, focusing on three key areas of research – productivity, well-being and technology – to reveal the current state of work and provide context for the future. Findings include: 

  • The workday got 15% shorter from Q1 2021 to Q4 2023, with employees finishing their tasks in less time
  • 20% of employees were disengaged due to underutilization, up 67% since 2021
  • 22% of employees used AI tools in 2023, an increase of 50% from Q1 to Q4

Our research shows that while total digital activity, productive time and focused time stayed relatively constant, nearly 30% of employees are at risk of attrition due to workload imbalance. Since 2021, we’ve seen a 67% increase in the number of employees who are potentially disengaged, representing a significant opportunity in untapped capacity. We saw that a similar percentage of employees work on weekends compared to the previous year, but for shorter periods.And, we uncovered the extent of AI adoption in the workplace, representing a 50% increase in just the last year. We look forward to tracking these trends through 2024 and sharing updates on our latest findings.

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