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In this report, the ActivTrak Productivity Lab is committed to challenging workplace assumptions and elevating today’s workplace realities. Our research, conducted in collaboration with Cornell University’s Kimberly Gordon, includes two years of insights from 56,713 employees and 2.7B data points to examine workplace behaviors – specifically schedule flexibility, employee burnout and employee focus – to make better sense of what the future of work holds.

In the past year, we’ve embraced an essential mindset shift – to welcome a new way of working while loosening our grip on a hope to return to the workplaces we once knew. We accept that under the right circumstances, leaders, and resources – remote and hybrid work can be wildly successful. We also know that under the wrong circumstances, misaligned leadership and inadequate resources, our workforce and our business are at great risk.

One thing is for sure:

Focusing on how teams have maintained productivity these last two years while ignoring employees’ cries for help regarding burnout, social isolation and lack of resources would only further mislead ourselves and others from identifying real solutions for healthy productivity and habits in the new workplace.

Herein lies the challenge in 2022: How can we, as students of the evolving workplace, better understand how to promote healthy productivity to benefit not only our businesses, but also our people.

About the ActivTrak Productivity lab

The Productivity Lab’s purpose is to help organizations leverage people, process and technology data to improve sustainable workplace productivity.

We utilize insights from across our customer base to identify trends, strategies and obstacles in today’s ever-changing work environment. Our findings are expanded through market research and strategic alliances.

As a global center for productivity research and expertise, we are committed to helping organizations evolve, embrace and embody the future of work.

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