ActivConnect + your software stack = powerful insights

Easily integrate ActivTrak productivity data with your other software applications for deeper analytics into how work gets done.

ActivConnect is a powerful add-on for the ActivTrak paid plans that provides additional querying and analytics capabilities outside of the core platform. Viewing your workplace productivity data from ActivTrak alongside data from other business applications is easy with pre-built powerful BI templates, app integrations, or by direct access via SQL. Make your data work harder for you with unmatched flexibility and customization options.

Conduct Deeper Analytics with Data Templates

ActivConnect’s pre-built dashboards and reports can plug into your business application workflow for Microsoft Teams or BI Visualization tools like Power BI, Tableau and Google Data Studio.


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Connection Sources

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ActivTrak Pre-Built Dashboards

Productivity Trends

Application Usage

Collaboration Patterns

IT Compliance Management

Create Personalized Reports with BI Visualization Tools

Conduct deep analysis on your ActivTrak workforce activity data via pre-built dashboards and reports for BI data visualization tools like Tableau, Power BI  and Google Data Studio. Easily generate detailed reports on productivity, compliance, application usage, collaboration and knowledge management and more. Get deep insights including:

  • Team productivity benchmarks and trends by group, role, location and time. 
  • Applications and tools employees use by % of time.
  • Overworked employees or employees exhibiting signs of potential burnout.
  • User activities that pose potential data compliance risks.
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Connect ActivTrak Activity Insights with Microsoft Teams

Many organizations’ working hours are spent by attending meetings, sharing files and collaborating in MS Teams. ActivTrak brings valuable workforce productivity insights within those workflows via its templates for MS Teams. Get visibility into key productivity metrics for collaboration and sharing right inside your MS Teams tabs or chat channels including:

  • Productivity benchmarks by individuals and peers on the team.
  • Work activity habits and potential signs of employee burnout.
  • Application and website usage including unused software licenses.
  • Collaboration tools trends for meetings, email, messaging and more.
  • Top performers leaderboard and trends over time.
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Connect ActivTrak Activity Insights with

ActivTrak’s app integrates workforce productivity data directly into workspaces providing immediate visibility into your team’s productivity trends right within your project management tool.


From your workspaces you can quickly see:

  • Application and website usage across individuals & team members.
  • An aggregated view of activity grouped by category (e.g. CRM, Meetings, Chat & Messaging, Telephony).
  • Most used applications by individuals or by specific teams.
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Direct Data Access via SQL

ActivConnect also allows users to directly access and export ActivTrak productivity data. Many users will correlate this data with performance data from other business sources such as Salesforce, ZenDesk, Jira and other business applications. With a full picture of how work gets done, you can identify patterns and understand how top performers achieve results compared to other team members.

 With Direct Data Access your users can perform any query needed — all from the simple query interface of Google’s BigQuery – providing you with valuable workforce analytic insights across your organization, no matter what applications your team members are using. 

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