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ActivTrak Adds New Time-Tracking and Alerting Functionality to Essentials Plan 

Capabilities Provide Expanded Visibility Into How Employees Spend Their Day 

ActivTrak today announced significant enhancements to its Essentials Plan, the company’s flagship employee productivity monitoring solution. The new monitoring and time-tracking features include calendar integration, out-of-the-box alarms and expanded dashboard views that help organizations gain increased visibility into employees’ daily routines. 

ActivTrak Essentials feature enhancements include:

  • Offline meeting tracking via calendar integration that provides a complete picture of an employee’s workday by capturing both online and offline business activity\
  • Pre-configured alarms that can be set to automatically alert users to undesired behaviors that may include:
    • Detecting non-work-related activities such as employees streaming entertainment, browsing social media, searching for jobs, accessing adult content sites, managing fantasy sports teams, etc.
    • Identifying employees who try to “cheat the system” by using mouse jiggler software or other tools that mimic work-related activity
    • Flagging the incorrect use of business tools such as when employees unintentionally access PII (personally identifiable information) and expose sensitive information 
    • Detecting when employees access unapproved AI tools to pinpoint non-compliant usage
  • An Organization Overview Dashboard that enables leaders to track daily activities with real-time data and 30-day averages of key metrics including employee work hours, team utilization versus benchmarks.


“These updates reflect a significant investment in our Essentials Plan and provide a compelling on-ramp for organizations who may be interested in exploring more advanced employee productivity monitoring capabilities and use cases,” said Javier Aldrete, chief product officer at ActivTrak. “I strongly encourage anyone who hasn’t recently logged in to their ActivTrak instance to do so to see what they may be missing. These new capabilities represent a powerful feature set that you just can’t get anywhere else.”

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