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Workforce Data is Integral to Business Intelligence and Investment

Learn why ActivTrak’s workforce activity data is critical to business intelligence. Pinpoint how employees work, how technology is used, and much more.

Javier Aldrete

By Javier Aldrete

Workforce Data is Integral to Business Intelligence and Investment

“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.” - Doug Conant, CEO of Campbell’s Soup

Every business leader knows employees are the backbone of the business. That backbone is the critical structure and support system impacting everything from customer satisfaction and loyalty to innovation and problem-solving. And just like anyone who’s ever had a back problem – if your backbone isn’t healthy, the rest of you is going to feel it.

Organizations sit on a treasure trove of invaluable data about how people work. But too often companies think about this data only as HR data, and not for its powerful potential when integrated with other business intelligence.

This creates a significant blind spot when it comes to decision-making. How do you know which levers to pull when you don’t know what inputs lead to what outputs? The way work gets done is directly correlated to the results that are achieved. Imagine if you could see workforce analytics data in-context with other business data such as: 

  • Support ticket volumes & CSAT ratings
  • Sales rep opportunities & quota attainment 
  • Payment & claim volumes
  • Loan & mortgage processing
  • IT ticketing completion
  • Call center management 
  • And more…

Being able to pinpoint how employees work, how technology is used, how processes are adopted and how training affects behavior by use case allows organizations to make more effective business decisions.

Imagine if one of your customer service agents has a high CSAT rating and high productivity numbers, but their ticket volume is low. They may provide higher quality support but struggle with efficiency – staying up late to work the queue which could lead to high utilization and risk of burnout. That’s great insight to have for a coaching conversation around how to improve efficiency without sacrificing quality. The inverse applies as well, if another agent has high efficiency but low CSAT ratings, that might warrant a conversation about slowing down to pay more attention to customer needs and the agent’s responses.

Enterprises don’t want to have Yet Another Platform to manage critical operational data. Which is great, because with ActivTrak you don’t need one. 

With ActivConnect, ActivTrak data can be combined with virtually any data warehouse, BI visualization and data science tools. You can also create personalized reports, push behavior data to your existing data infrastructure, perform any query from a simple SQL-like interface and integrate with your business applications. This is a great solution for data-savvy companies that want to perform bulk queries, conduct custom analyses and combine data sets with activity and productivity data into powerful business insights, so they can:

Improve Productivity & Efficiency

ActivTrak productivity and focus data to integrate with BI tools

Optimize Resource Allocation

Integrated workforce data showing productivity and effectiveness of CS teams.

Maximize Throughput and Quality 

Multiple reports showing workforce activity data to understand productivity.

That’s how many of our customers use ActivTrak, and how we use ActivTrak internally as well (and drink our own champagne). No longer are we diagnosing productivity challenges by asking employees, How do you spend your time? Instead, we can pinpoint friction points and intervene to quickly address them, or better yet — spot an innovative best practice and share it across the team.

Companies today struggle to adequately address over-hiring, technology bloat, inadequate training and failed transformations. Our ability to embed ActivTrak data into the equation precisely where it's missing enhances customers’ ability to make decisions in ways they never have before and to better navigate current economic challenges. 

In a nutshell, we’re capturing what’s outside the frame of focus to sharpen your understanding of what’s within it.

And with that, I’d like to end with another quote I like: 

“Business and human endeavors are systems...We tend to focus on snapshots of isolated parts of the system. And wonder why our deepest problems never get solved.” — Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of the Learning Organization

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