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Feedback: We’re very pleased with ActivTrak!

Use ActivTrak to discover unproductive time spent on users' computers. This ActivTrak customer describes how the software helped her do just that.


By ActivTrak

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We're pretty pleased with ActivTrak, although we're not very pleased with what we've seen our employees being paid to spend time on... Which means, ActivTrak has been well worth it's price. Everyone told me tracking software was for big companies, not small offices... I disagree!
We looked into your product because of a couple of key weakening employees; despite productivity meetings, employee reviews and a warning that personal internet surfing had to come down to a more reasonable level (we don't even really expect it to stop), we would be installing some kind of monitoring software. Both employees contended they spend minimal time on personal internet sites. Our office space is open--the front office of a physicians' practice, so it was easy to call them on it; despite this, they both continue to believe (I think) that they don't spend too much time using the internet. I really don't think they realize how bad it's become. After the above warnings, we installed ActivTrak, and one employee spent eight hours on Facebook, in ONE WEEK alone. She doesn't even work a full 40 hours per week. The other employee didn't spend as much time on personal pursuits, but it was still beyond the realm of reasonable. It was also beyond what we thought was happening. So, to answer your question, we're very pleased with ActivTrak.

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