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Product Update—New Alarms & Redesigned Reports!

Learn about the latest updates to ActivTrak! We've released new alarm types, and simpler, easy-to-use reports!

By Ramiz Khan

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We’ve made a few reports easier to see and added more functionality to alarms!
Now you’ll notice your Top Websites, Top Applications, and Top Categories reports have two panels that work together to present you with your data as quickly and seamlessly as possible.
Instead of hiding some aspects of the report on deeper pages, all of the information is now on one page.
Top Websites and Applications
Select the website or application you’d like to analyze from the left side panel, and view titles, subpages, and users on the right side of the panel.
You’ll notice a tooltip that pops up for each website that lets you copy the item, view activity log data for the item and copy the item to investigate further.
As with the previous design, you can search for screenshots and create an alarm for each item you see.
Top Categories
The new top categories report functions in a similar manner.
You’ll select a category from the left side panel, then view websites and applications within that category as well as the users that are responsible for using those websites and applications on the right.
Notify Multiple Users
We’ve added the ability to notify multiple users via email when an alarm is triggered. Now you can enter multiple email addresses in the "To:” field while creating an alarm.
This helps to keep everyone informed and on the same page when an alarm is triggered.
Alarms for Audit Log
Our new Audit Alarms let you receive notifications for any changes to your ActivTrak account that meet your given criteria.
These alarms are created in the exact same fashion as our standard alarms but only monitor the audit log. This lets you monitor changes to your account more easily, and gives real-time notifications for key changes and provides insight into who made those changes.

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