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In collaboration with remote work industry expert, Forbes Contributor, and Founder of Distribute Consulting, Laurel Farrer, we recently hosted a Tweet Chat to discuss “Remote Management 101: Strategies for Implementing a Work-From-Home Program”.

Numerous remote work industry experts joined the conversation to share ideas and learn what managers can do to help employees and organizations make the transition to working from home easier. We’ve compiled a recap of the questions asked and topics discussed in the Tweet chat, along with a collection of our favorite responses to help you boost the success of your remote workforce. To see the entire Tweet Chat conversation you can visit #ActivTrakChat on Twitter.

Tweet Chat Questions:

  1. Do you think COVID-19 has changed the perception of remote work? What do you think will happen post-COVID – will organizations continue to support a remote workforce?
  2. How can managers and leadership best support their teams right now?
  3. What are your go-to tools for collaboration, live chat, project/task management, remote access, web conferencing, security, productivity monitoring?
  4. How does productivity monitoring differ from employee monitoring? What are some tips and best practices for monitoring output?
  5. What should a remote workforce training curriculum include?
  6. What’s an example of a productivity data point that might help a manager adjust how his/her remote team works?
  7. What are the long term benefits of employing a remote workforce?
  8. Do you think remote work is here to stay? What should companies do to prepare?

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Thank you again to everyone who participated in the dialogue! For additional free resources on improving remote workforce productivity and effectiveness, check out our Remote Workforce Resource Center. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for future ActivTrak Tweet Chats with industry experts and reach out to us @ActivTrak with the topics you’d like to see discussed.

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