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C3 Systems & Security, a managed services provider, enlisted the help of ActivTrak after multiple clients requested an efficient way to improve employee oversight and mitigate employee theft. The quick deployment, easy-to-use console, and minimal maintenance of ActivTrak let Chris Cunningham, CTO of C3 Systems and Security, quickly deliver and onboard the solution with his clients, and gave him the confidence to roll out ActivTrak, not only in his own office but to his entire client base.


C3 Systems & Security specializes in providing edge to endpoint network management services, proactive security management, helpdesk support and everyday technology advice in the greater Los Angeles area.

C3 had a monitoring system in place, but it wasn’t meeting their needs, it was costing too much to maintain, and it didn’t work for organizations with a distributed workforce due to the fact that it was centrally managed.

C3 Systems & Security HQ

The company takes their responsibility to their clients seriously. When Chris noticed that their current solution wasn’t getting the job done, he knew he had to find an alternative and began research.

The Challenge:

Chris and his team at C3 Systems & Security had quite a few challenges to work through.

The company had a current solution in place for their clients, so any decision to switch must be worth the cost of the time it takes his team to migrate solutions, the new software must clearly decrease the time it takes to manage the solution, and of course, the client must like and approve of the new solution.

Moreover, due to the changing business landscape, more and more clients were embracing a culture with a remote or distributed workforce. Chris knew that the replacement solution needed to work for organizations with employees in multiple remote locations.

With this information in mind, Chris set off on a mission to find the best solution.

The Solution:

After evaluating two other products, the company found that they were too unreliable and soon realized that they were spending so much time keeping them up as a solution, that there was no way they could offer those solutions to their clients.

ActivTrak stood out to Chris because it’s a completely cloud-based solution, it has a very minimal endpoint installation, and it was very easy to get into their client’s offices quickly and covertly.

“The setup process for ActivTrak takes seconds. It’s very easy to do, and the administrative console is a breeze.”

— Chris Cunningham, CTO, C3 Systems & Security

The reliability and simple installation with distribution via group policy made it a breeze for Chris and his team to deploy and support the software for his clients with a present need.

Success Story:

ActivTrak was able to be set up and running on the client machines in 5-10 minutes and allowed them to find out when someone had been stealing from the company.

“The best part is that we’ve been able to come in as a solution provider to clients when they have the need to monitor. We get to look at this and say we’ve got a valid solution. The clients love the monitoring and we have no qualms about implementing it.”

— Chris Cunningham, CTO, C3 Systems & Security

After installation, Chris says his team will have a short meeting with the clients that lasts no longer than an hour. They discuss the best way to create a process around ActivTrak that satisfies company goals.

ActivTrak’s Detailed Activity Log

C3 Systems has found the most success for his clients by tracking the activities of remote workers that are out in the field. ActivTrak allows these companies to develop a process of reviewing, but not micromanaging the system, which frees up more time for both Chris and his clients.

At this point, ActivTrak has been implemented for 10 clients of C3 Systems and Security with great results. The company is in the process of gathering requests to distribute ActivTrak to their entire client base.

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About C3 Systems & Security:

Companies of 3-50 employees simply do not need full time IT staff. Provided with the proper infrastructure and fail-safes, the right IT management company can manage daily technology needs remotely. C3 is that company.

Providing edge to endpoint network management services, proactive security management, helpdesk support and everyday technology advice, C3 Systems & Security is the one-stop-shop in the greater Los Angeles area.