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Product Update—Screenshots Just Got a Lot Easier!

In addition to the many awesome features added to ActivTrak, like productivity reports and real-time monitoring, our team almost doubled in size in 2016!

By Ramiz Khan

Product update underlined and in white on a green background. Underneath is the date 9/22/16.
Taking screenshots just got a lot easier! Now, you will see a simple button on your Screenshots page where you usually review your screenshots. While you’re already in screenshot mode researching your recent captures, you can now configure a new screenshot rule in the same space. The new Configure button doesn’t require any follow up actions, except setting the conditions in which you’d like to capture the monitored computer screen. Additionally, we’ve made your dashboard real-time widget clickable. Now, when you see a real-time activity that’s interesting, all you have to do is click the widget, and you can begin searching through the activity log to see what was going on.

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