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Very Good Software

“We are using your monitoring system and it is working. It has taken our worst internet-using employee and scared him straight, whereas he is paranoid to start with. It has made him productive for once.

In addition, we fired our bookkeeper where we had a general company meeting announcing that were installing monitoring software on all PC’s (of course we could only install on three with the free license, and only installed it on two machines, but she was one of them) and the very next business day she spent 45 minutes playing on eBay and Yahoo, all the while she was behind in her work. She thought that as a bookkeeper that she was above being monitored. So (sadly, I guess in her case) it works well. The quality screen shots drive it ahead of the competition.

We do not intend to micro-manage and will allow some free time for employees, but that instance was an “in your face” event that had to be reckoned with, as she is a higher price employee and waste costs more at that level.