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product update underlined and in white on a green background. Underneath is the date 2/14/13.

Here’s What We Did This Month

The newly released ActivTrak Agent v3.0.19 has some significant improvements over previous versions. Although the new Agent is available for download from the Dashboard in your online account, it is not necessary to take any action and your existing Agents will update automatically.

Included in the new ActivTrak Agent are:

  • 128-bit AES encryption for all data uploads on paid accounts (free account still upload data in plain text).
  • Improved handling of screenshots from multiple monitors to capture all screens.
  • A stealthier presence on Windows 8 computers so that the ActivTrak service is not readily visible in the Task Manager.
  • Go to the Settings/Storage page to see the current version number of your Agents and to confirm the automatic update to v3.0.19.

For accounts on Microsoft Active Directory networks, the Remote Agent installer v1.2 has been improved to help you push the ActivTrak Agent to new computers, to update existing ones, or to uninstall the agent. Download the remote installer from: